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There's a plan in place for everyone.

The Mesh Co-Work aspires to be a place, a hub where anyone and everyone can go on with their work.


Great for a small team

  • Our private cabins come fully equipped with a desk, storage space, a visitors chair and multiple desks, as per your team size. Made to measure, to fit you and your teams needs.


Great for meetings and conferences

  • Why sit in a noisy Cafe, accumulating calories and getting no work done? Book any one of conference rooms, equipped with video conferencing facilities, pantry services and the much required peace to conduct important meetings

Event Room

Great for too many things!

  • Our pliable, soundproof event rooms, can be used for meet ups, seminars, trainings, workshops and even for studio work! Click here to download our app, for more information on the choices

Dedicated Desk

Great for a serious one man show!

  • Are you an individual entrepreneur, consultant or freelancer, who needs a dedicated personalized space to get his daily work done? Our dedicated desk comes with a storage space, a whiteboard, a study lamp.

Hot Desk

Great for the traveling types

  • Work makes you flog around the city? Log into our app, pick a Hotdesk at our Hot desk section, plug in and work.